Gender, Sustainability and Social Impact with The Tenth and IMFC Incubator Program Brands

Presented by PROJECT DIGITAL, The Tenth & IMFC Incubator Program Brands

A live fashion workshop bringing together PROJECT attendees and emerging design talent in a digital forum aimed at helping groom a more culturally informed fashion-scape that reflects the global diasporic experience. Hosted by The Tenth Magazine Contributing Fashion Editor, Melquan Ganzy, fresh voices in fashion such as Vincent Ofori of Leimert Park Threads, Nik Kacy of Nik Kacy Footwear and Tawfeeq Gains of Search + Rescue will be engaged around the most pertinent issues affecting minority-owned brands in the industry today. Attendees will be immersed in the story of how some of their recent crossover successes grew from their independent roots, and also how their work sits in conversation specifically with notions of sustainability, the future of gender expression, and the new parameters of social responsibility and impact

Featured Speakers