From left to right:
Dress by ASTR | Suit by Inimigo (Shop ASTR and Inimigo at PROJECT Las Vegas)
Pants by Alpha Industries | Suit by Kwasi Paul (Shop Alpha Industries and Kwasi Paul at PROJECT New York) 

PROJECT is back with exciting shows coming soon to Las Vegas and New York.

Creatively, both seasonal campaigns are centered around forward movement and exploration after a time of bleakness caused by the pandemic. Edwina Kulego, VP of International & Men’s further paints the picture,

New Horizons

PROJECT Las Vegas tackles New Horizons with a seasonal creative campaign centered around embarking on new journeys and (re)connecting with nature. What better way to represent the fashion industry’s reemergence than with a photoshoot in the Las Vegas desert at sunrise? Courtney Bradarich, Vice President of COTERIE and PROJECT, is “excited to celebrate what’s on the horizon in the contemporary space, and to promote ease of discovery for our retailers.” The show floor will inspire new perspectives by switching the menswear and womenswear sections and by offering products that compliment an active lifestyle so that retailers and consumers can build their collections around pieces that redefine functional apparel in the contemporary space. The Las Vegas show is all about developing new trends –together as a community.


The Dynamic Current 

PROJECT New York centers around navigating the dynamic current as society shifts into an inclusive, fluid, and forward-moving direction. We’re continuing to challenge gender norms of the past with the inclusion of gender fluid apparel. The New York edition of the show will be all about zeroing in on niche and emerging styles and trends by focusing on the makers, the artisans, the storytellers, and those with fresh and innovative takes on the classics. What better place than New York to bring this seasonal story to life? 


The Big Picture

This season, we are going beyond what’s ‘Now and Next’ in trend and material and focusing on an overall vision of progress. Courtney Bradarich elaborates, 

Both PROJECT New York and PROJECT Las Vegas will be welcoming back the IMFC Incubator program and a sustainability partnership with HeySocial Good at PROJECT Las Vegas and New York Men’s Day at PROJECT New York.  


Register today to embark on this season's journey with us.


January 24-25, 2023

February 13-15, 2023



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