It's been two years since we've last seen you at PROJECT New York, and it is finally time to welcome you back. Of course, the industry has changed quite a bit in the last few years, and PROJECT has refreshed right along with it. Not only have we expanded the categories retailers can shop on the show floor, but we've partnered with Brian Nyilas, the former Vice President of Merchandising and Business Development at Fred Segal, to help renew and inspire retailers with his keen sense for merchandising. Expect to see brands like Le Bonnet, 120% Lino, and Todd Patrick, along with retailers like BEAMS, Cueva, and more. PROJECT New York is also expanding its scope and looking to the future as it introduces gender-fluid collections at the July event.  

Image by Maxime Simoens


PROJECT New York is proud to include gender-fluid collections for the first time as the market shifts with consumer demands for more diversity and new definitions of masculinity. "I want to tap into the roots PROJECT has firmly formed while helping usher in some exciting new experiences to keep us at the very forefront of our industry," Nyilas shares of what he has in store for PROJECT New York. "And nothing is more exciting than highlighting the importance of gender neutrality and inclusivity." Nyilas adds that this year's event will also introduce "consumer facing elements and outside-the-box experiences that echo where things have evolved not just in fashion, but the arts themselves." 


For brands new to PROJECT New York, this year's event will be their first chance to get discovered by retailers looking for something new. "This is our first season that we are participating, and we are extremely positive that retailers are in fact traveling again," says Marco Pievani of Italian linen brand 120% Lino.  

It's a similar story for Le Bonnet, who launched in North America at the beginning of the pandemic. Not having an in-person experience with clients has been a challenge, slowing the pace of the brand’s growth, explains Marisa Spataro, owner of Blu Black Group, Le Bonnet's North American distributor. "I'm really looking forward to officially launching the brand and allowing the audience to experience the Le Bonnet world," she continues of her attendance at PROJECT New York. "I'm looking forward to seeing what people have been up to, and how the last two years of looking inward and to our neighbors have impacted our approach."  

Image by 120% Lino

Image by Le Bonnet

Image by Aidan The Brand


For CLOSED, the European denim brand, a return to PROJECT New York is a chance to continue fostering relationships. "We can’t wait to meet a lot of people and establish new connections—within the industry and also with potential new customers," a representative for the company said. Beyond the return to in-person meetings, the event is a chance for the brand to discover emerging trends in the industry at large and experience a wide array of forward-thinking ideas and conversations—like Circularity, "one of the most promising topics in our industry," as well as gender-fluid collections, a trend CLOSED is excited to see evolve into a permanent category.   

Image by CLOSED

Image by sonyeo[n]


Ultimately, this year's PROJECT New York will be a celebration of our collective return. We cannot wait to see all the new and familiar faces, and to help you discover and understand the changes in the industry that have developed over the last two years. "These artisan stories are so rich, heartfelt, exciting and life changing," Nyilas concludes. "My job is to be at PROJECT to support in any way possible so that their narratives and dreams can be heard by a global audience, in their purest form." We cannot wait to share the PROJECT experience with you again.  



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