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Trend forecasting, thought-provoking discussions, and industry insights explore market shifts, emerging industry innovations, and forecasted outlooks, sparking fresh perspectives and facilitating more strategic planning for fashion professionals in all sectors.

trend forecasting

Seasonal look at emerging trends in apparel, footwear, and accessories including textiles, constructions, color direction, must-have products, and updated silhouettes, along with a comprehensive exploration of the cultural shifts and consumer demands shaping the season ahead.

FW 24/25 Men's Trends

Key seasonal products, new color directions, patterns, and graphics shifts in apparel, footwear, and accessories across the men's market.

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FW 24/25 Women's Trends

Key seasonal products, new color directions, patterns, and graphics shifts in apparel, footwear, and accessories across the women's market.

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SS 25 Material Sourcing Trends 

An exploration of the cultural signals, design aesthetics, and innovations within production and manufacturing that will inform trends across apparel, footwear, and accessories.

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SS 24 Men's Trends

Key seasonal products, new color directions, patterns, and graphics shifts in apparel, footwear, and accessories across the men's market.

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industry insights

From navigating the global market to understanding consumer trends, industry insight resources provide fashion professionals with in-depth analysis and information in order to make more informed business decisions.

2024 US Fashion Consumer Outlook

Decoding market insights and revealing the what, why, and how mass market, mid-market, luxury, and secondhand shoppers will buy throughout the year.

What You Need To Know

Fashion Tech Series: The Evolution of Retail

Explore the innovations that are enabling businesses to meet customers where they are, whether it’s in-store, hybrid environments, or digital worlds.

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2023 Sustainability Report: Sustainability Now 

The 2023 Sustainability Report: Sustainability Now seeks to educate on why sustainability needs to be prioritized, and what can be done now for a more sustainable world in 2030.​

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Fashion Tech Series: Marketing Innovations

From Web3 to the metaverse, learn about some of the hottest tech topics and what they mean for the future of consumer engagement.

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Fashion Tech Series: Supply Chain Transformation 

A deep dive into how digitization along the entire supply chain lays the foundation for more transparent operations, better data tracking, and easier communication between parties.​

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Fashion Tech Series: New Age of Design 

With a major pivot onto digital platforms has come a demand for new modes of expression. Through immersive design platforms and AI-powered visual tools, creatives can dream in completely new dimensions.​

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business planning

Original content for fashion entrepreneurs – from how-to guides and case studies, to engaging expert interviews - these resources unpack the industry’s most critical topics and provide actionable takeaways for professionals across a variety of sectors.

High-Definition Fashion Photography: Creating First-Class E-Commerce

How an innovative, factory-style photography solution can fuel increased E-commerce sales.

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Vintage is the New Luxury

In recent years, luxury market has flipped and consumers are now more occupied with searching for pre-loved items. This panel discusses why vintage is dominating the fashion market platforms.

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Nate Brown: Telling His Story + Helping Tell Yours

Creative Director Nate Brown shares his journey of building a brand, launching impactful projects, and creating experiential moments that resonate.

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FUBU Celebrates: 50th Anniversary of Hip Hop

Tune into an unforgettable discussion with FUBU and learn how the iconic label came to be, its relationship to hip hop, and everlasting impact on the fashion industry. 

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How to Optimize Business Operations and Supply Chain Planning

Ways an ERP solution can help designers and brands avoid the pitfalls of an unstable supply chain, nail their approach to sourcing and manufacturing, and profitably scale their business. [Sponsored Content]

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Creating an Icon: The History of the 501®

Discover the importance of storytelling and cultural moments from one of fashion's most iconic brands, Levi Strauss & Co.

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